Asia Pacific Trends 2015

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2019년 1월 15일

To help companies better understand what is happening at the macro and micro level within the Asia Pacific region when background checking employees, this report compiles our deep understanding of localized cultures and compliance requirements with detailed screening statistics gathered from our vast Asian customer base. It highlights fresh trends that employers can use to fine-tune their existing screening practices and benchmark their current program results against others in the region. The report covers Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


  • Foreword  
  • Overall Discrepancy 
  • Key Definitions 
  • Asia Pacific: An Analysis of Discrepancies 
  • Country Results 
  • Discrepancy Rates 
  • Cases with Discrepant Checks 
  • Discrepancy Results by Industry
  • Conclusions & Recommendations